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Sorbet Dessert

If you have a milk intolerance in addition to a wheat intolerance, I hope you've discovered sorbet.  It is wonderful!  Once you start eating it, even if you don't have to because of food issues, regular ice cream pales by comparison.  Sorbet is like frozen crushed up fruit -- full of flavor, sweet, refreshing, perfect!  And no milk in it at all!  One of our favorite desserts when we have guests is sorbet in a small bowl (a little goes a long way -- another plus) with cut up fresh fruit on top and then gingerale poured over it all.  It's a great finish to a meal -- light, refreshing, sweet but not overly so, and delicious.  And it looks pretty too!

In this picture I used raspberry sorbet and put bananas and chopped up fresh pineapple on top before adding the ginger ale.  You can use 7-Up instead if you have it on hand, but ginger ale is really much better.  (Schweppes and Canada Dry ginger ale are the best tasting brands, in case you're wondering.)  It's almost too sweet with 7-Up.  Any kind of fresh fruit you have on hand is good on top, the more colorful the better:  kiwi, mango, grapes cut in half, berries of any kind, etc.  Soft fruits work better than hard ones.  There are quite a few flavors of sorbet, although some of them are seasonal, like peach, which only seems to be available in the late summer.  Raspberry and lemon seem to be available year round; mango, peach, cranberry/blueberry seasonally.  I hope you'll try this, I know you won't be disappointed.  It's really a treat for the taste buds! 


  1. Yummy. This looks so good and refreshing! What is the difference between sherbert and sorbet? Thanks for all your great recipes!

  2. This is a refreshing dessert! Sherbet has milk in it, while sorbet does not. Glad you're enjoying the blog! Thanks for your comment.