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Italian Pork Chops

This is a recipe that my husband created!  By the way, you may have noticed the beautiful dishes in the pictures on this blog (if you haven't, you will now :).  They were all made by him -- he's a potter!  If you haven't ever used real handmade pottery in your kitchen, I would encourage you to buy a few pieces from your local artists and try it -- it's a wonderful experience.  Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, holds the heat or cold of whatever is on/in them, pleasantly tactile, lovely to look at, and unique!  What more can I say?  They're just awesome.  I'm completely spoiled.

Anyway, back to the food, this is one of his recipes.  He doesn't spend tons of time in the kitchen, but when he does you can be sure that it's going to be a creative experience!

Italian Pork Chops

Pork chops -- how ever many you want
For each one you'll need:
1 green onion, chopped
1-2 sliced mushrooms, depending on size of mushrooms and size of chops
1-2 slices tomato, depending on size of tomato and size of chops
1 thin slice cheddar cheese (or other cheese of your choice)
Italian seasoning
Be sure you have everything gathered and cut up before you start -- it goes pretty fast once you get started.

To assemble:
Fry pork chops (don't overcook them--it's easy to do!), seasoning lightly with salt and pepper.  While they're cooking, saute the mushrooms and green onions together briefly in a little butter.  Take them off the heat if the chops are taking too long, so they don't get overcooked.

When the chops are done, place a slice of tomato on top of each one, sprinkle lightly with Italian seasoning, put a spoonful of the sauteed onions and mushrooms on each one, then top with a cheese slice, which should melt from the heat of everything.  Grind a little fresh pepper on top.  They should look about like this:

Serve immediately.

Incidentally, have you tried brining your pork chops before cooking them?  It makes them tender and moist.  Here's how I usually do it:  I buy pork chops in bulk packages and subdivide them at home into freezer bags, flat -- no chops bunched together or on top of one another.  That way I can quickly thaw them in a big bowl of water to which I add about a tablespoon of salt per chop.  Brining and thawing all in one operation!  It usually only takes about 30 minutes.  Also, chops that are darker in color will be more tender when you cook them.  The lighter ones usually look more appealing, but they are more likely to be tough.  Remember not to overcook them -- just until they're cooked through.  Also, if the chops are too thick when you buy them (like the ones Costco sells, which are lovely but sooo thick!), cut them in half horizontally before putting them in the freezer bags -- twice as many to use, and faster/easier to thaw and cook!  Such a deal!


  1. I diced up the tomato and sautéed it with the other vegetables. Very good. My children at the vegetable off the top then ate the pork chop.

  2. Great idea! I'm happy that your kids liked this -- I'd always thought of it as an adult kind of dish. Good to know all ages enjoy it! Thanks for your comment.